I'm Sarah Von Bargen I help make people + businesses awesome on the internet.

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You’re a clever, hard working, creative-type (I can tell from all the way over here!) and you know you + your business need to be online.

You also know you should be blogging/tweeting/guest posting/pinning/pitching – in addition to, like, earning a living.

And you’re pretty sure you could be doing this whole online thing better. But you’re not sure what “better” looks like or where to start.

(I can help)

I know a thing or two about
building a following on the internet.

Over the last five years I’ve grown my blog to 11,000+ daily readers – and I did it without surrendering my life to social media or working 12 hours a day.

Now I use that hard-won knowledge to work with clients one-on-one, creating gloriously specific, just-for-you plans that make your online space hum with traffic and awesomery.

I’d love to help make your life online more fun, more profitable, less overwhelming and – yes – more awesome.

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Get my free ebook '7 tricks for a polished + impressive + productive online life'

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