Just Because You Don’t Like Something, Doesn’t Mean You Can Ignore It

don't ignore
Like most people, I have a long, loooong list of things I don’t like.

In my offline life, these things include:

  • self-absorbed conversationalists
  • cocktail shrimp
  • when people don’t delete a Craigslist ad after the item has sold

The list of online, business-y things that I don’t like? It’s even longer. For the longest time, I eye-rolled at:


How To Quit One Job Without Another One Lined Up (Yes, really!)

quit your job
Into every life, a few less-than-awesome jobs must fall.

In a perfect world, you’d have another job lined up before you left the bad one, but sometimes that’s just not an option.

Below, two-time career-changer-and-job-leaver Ashlee Piper tells us how you can leave a job without ruining the rest of your life. She’s got great tips on creating an escape plan, making peace with this new stage of your life, and staying positive while you rebuild your professional life. So good!


What You’re REALLY Seeing When You See ‘Success’

see success
Do you ever fall down an Internet envy hole?

You scroll through someone’s Instagram feed, green-eyeing their expensive vacations, ‘internet famous’ friends, and Pinterest-worthy home. Or maybe your heart beats double time when they share their monthly income. Or your stomach rumbles with jealousy when they launch a course on a topic you’d always meant to write about …. but never quite did.

Sound familiar? Dude, I get it. I have been there.


Why + How To Update Your Old Blog Posts (I got 490,000+ pageviews when I did!)

tips to updates old blog posts
Earlier this month, for the first time in my seven years of blogging, my site crashed due to traffic.

I responded the way anybody would. I joy/panic ate a large bowl of guac. I made my husband stand behind me and marvel while I refreshed the ‘509 bandwidth limit exceeded’ page. Then I spent three days emailing back and forth with my website host. (<- insert unimpressed emoji here.)

But the really crazy thing about the post that went viral: it was an old post.


13 Things You Should Read For Business Sake

helpful blogging links
Do you see what I did there? It’s like “For goodness sake!” but it’s “For business sake.” !!!

I’ll be here all week, folks.

Anyway, here are some of the best, most helpful things from around the internet.


If You’re The One Making The Rules + Setting The Deadlines, YOU CAN CHANGE THEM.

you can change the rules

I am an inveterate rule-follower. 

I love nothing so much as structure and guidelines and an extremely concrete way to measure my progress and success. I loved school – all the gold stars and high marks and quantifiable gains. This is how I know I did it right. This is how I track my achievements. When I follow these guidelines and check these things off my to-do list, I WILL BE SUCCESSFUL.