Want more traffic? We’ll get it.
An email list that brings in sales? We can do that.
A blog filled with frequently favorited and forwarded posts? Yup, I can help with that, too.


Whatever the gap in your online presence,
Laser Focus can help you check it off your list, for good.

Book now! $475 USD

You’re really, really good at what you do.

You’ve got a nice, solid bunch of clients.
Your website? It’s gorgeous!
All those sales pages - they’re spot on.

But there’s one aspect of your online business that’s not quite where you want it. (We’ve all got ‘em.)

  • Maybe social media isn’t your forte - but you know you’re missing the boat.
  • Or your blog is (frustratingly, unprofessionally) empty.
  • Or you know you should be networking + guest posting - but you don’t know where to start.
  • Or you’re just posting willy nilly - with no strategy or idea how all this writing and hard work will lead to more money or clients.

We’ve all got blind spots in our professional lives. A Laser Focus session will help.

Honestly, I learned as much, if not more, working with Sarah for 90 minutes than I did in a two-day blogging workshop that I paid $700 for.

The service she provides is so personalized, from the booklet she has you fill in to better familiarize herself with your goals, to the plan she prepares for you after your session, you can’t beat the value. Not to mention, she’s super approachable and easy to talk to. Working with Sarah put things into simple terms and established a clear plan of action which I’m still benefitting from today.

– Kelly Rheel, The Rheel Daze


Here’s what you’ll get:

  • An idea-sparking, thought-provoking workbook that helps me learn more about you, where you’re at + where you’re going
  • 90 minutes of my undivided attention in which we figure out - once and for all - how to master that one, big aspect of your online life
  • A plan, designed especially for you. Taking into consideration your skill set, your goals, and how much time you have available, I create 10-15 pages of strategy, broken down into small, easy-to-implement next steps.


If you feel like you’re not quite living up to your online potential and you’re so busy managing your business you think you don’t have time to learn…

If you know your expertise lies elsewhere and you’re afraid you’re missing out because you haven’t quite figured out Twitter …

If you worry that your empty blog or your small social media following or the lack of an email list makes you look unprofessional…

This is for you.


Solution maker, at your service

I’m Sarah Von Bargen, and I help make people and businesses awesome at the internet. How? With all the skills, passion and experience I gained doing it for myself.

I started my blog, Yes and Yes, in 2008 and organically grew it to 12,000+ loyal, daily readers. I’ve been blogging six days a week for 8+ years, and my writing has earned features in places like Buzzfeed, Lifehacker, Forbes.com, The Frisky, and HelloGiggles.

My blog has directly led to a calendar, an app, and a literary agent. I know what people like you and I need to do to build an online presence that gets noticed.


After working with Sarah I was able to take a deep breath and get excited about “becoming awesome on the internet!” For the first time it felt doable and possible. She broke everything down into simple, affordable steps. She is the resources queen!

Everything I have used and/or implemented since our session has felt easy and actually fun! You don’t have to continue feeling so overwhelmed. Hire Sarah today.

– Rebecca Lewis, Beautiful Living


In just one day we can get you sorted and set on a path that leads you where you want to go - whether that’s a bustling, comment-filled blog or a big, engaged social media following.

All you have to do is decide that you’re ready for it. I’ll do the rest.


Book now! $475 USD