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  • I’ve been working with Sarah for 3+ years and in that time she’s helped me grow my online presence from ABSOLUTELY nothing to 5,800+ Twitter followers, 12,000+ Facebook fans and a blog that gets linked to left and right. She’s helped me create + conceptualize products, craft copy and blog posts, and just generally (as she herself says) be awesome on the internet. She’s an irreplaceable member of my team.

    Dr. Danielle Dowling,

  • Working with Sarah for 90 minutes crammed in more action steps than I could possibly do in a number of very busy months — and that’s absolutely a good thing. She isn’t joking when she says she works to make folks more awesome on the Internet; going in, I knew that I had good material, solid design, and the gumption to make my site an empire, but after working with Sarah, I now know that my gumption can be translated into solid results.

    Esmé Weijun Wang,

  • I booked a session with Sarah to help me decide what direction I wanted to take with my blog. Answering her questions and meeting with her (via Skype) was one of the most valuable uses of time and money I spent last year. After our session she gave me a practical plan to follow that has really helped me take my blog to the next level.

    Alison Chino, Chino House

  • If you’re drowning in content marketing overwhelm, hire Sarah. I’ve been in marketing for ages working with start-ups, global software firms, and entertainment powerhouses and now I help clients with their own brand and marketing strategies – but it always seems when it comes to your own stuff, you need some ‘forest for the trees’ insight. Sarah helped me clear away the clutter, find direction and focus. Her juicy content ideas, as well as snappy tech time savers, have streamlined my approach. Ultimately, Sarah gave me a simple system that makes it easier for me to share my value with the world and to create a loyal community.

    Maria Ross, Red Slice Branding

  • Sarah helped me out on both our copywriting and blogging strategy. I am really happy about her work : she was fast, thoughtful, and did a great job! I also liked the fact that it was very easy to iterate to get to something great. She was able to set up a very collaborative environment. I definitely recommend her.

    Pascal Levy-Garboua, Six doors

  • I’ve been an on-again-off-again inconsistent blogger for the past 10+ year. Sarah was a delight and a much needed burst of clarity that helped me hone in on what I wanted to achieve through blogging, while offering tons of practical advice and tips on how to get there. I was left inspired, driven, and for the first time — with a plan! I recommend this to anyone who is trying to figure out how to take their blog game to the next stage.

    Liang Shi

  • My session with Sarah was AWESOME! The online world can be SUPER overwhelming! I found that I often just wanted put my head under the covers and hide.  After my clever session with Sarah I was able to take a deep breath and get excited about “becoming awesome on the internet!” For the first time it felt doable and possible! She broke everything down in simple practical and affordable steps. She is also resources queen! Everything I have used and/or implemented since our session has felt easy and actually fun! You don’t have to continue feeling so overwhelmed. Hire Sarah today.

    Rebecca Lewis, Beautiful Living

  • It’s really hard to know where to start with social media and online promotion - it’s so, so overwhelming!  Sarah listening to my needs, knew our organizations skills set, and designed a plan that was really doable and not intimidating.  Better yet, it works!  We’ve been able to connect with more people and promote ourselves using the tools and steps she gave us - it’s made a big difference for us.

    Amanda Leaveck, FaceForward, MN

  • My session with Sarah opened my imagination to an entire slew of possibilities for improving my art business. She helped me sketch out a solid plan for building up interest using different angles in social media, in preparation to launch my Indiegogo campaign. From broadening my view of potential contacts to focusing on how to achieve my ultimate goals, she guided me through it all. Most importantly, she gave me the confidence and tools to make it happen.

    Daina Scarola, artist & owner at Ocean Art Studio

  • Yes + Yes has been a blog I’ve followed for many years now! So, I was ecstatic at the opportunity to receive Sarah’s advice on my own blog. She is brilliant. She somehow got into my brain, organized my thoughts, and made me a to-do list regarding my Mama Hussy site. And I’m still astonished she so reasonably prices her work. I can hardly wait to use her again. Every blog writer should hire Sarah to take their site to that next level, especially if they want to increase their traffic!

    Greer Inez, Mama Hussy

  • BlogFrog greatly enjoys working with Sarah for many reasons! She writes wonderful posts that are personal and relatable. As a community leader she brought her unique voice to the Savvy Living Community. She was an asset who helped drive discussions, and brought her savvy ideas to help others connect and receive the advice they were seeking.

    Vanessa Bogehold, BlogFrog

  • I spent 20 minutes at lunch yesterday with my girlfriends talking about how wonderful Sarah is.  I fully realized as I started talking about her how much she does for me and how absolutely amazing she is at it!  I like to refer to her as my ‘Magical Unicorn’.  Her ability to create incredible copy at lightning fast speed is only one of her qualities that makes her indispensable to me!  I could go on and on, but we’d have to meet for lunch…

    Julie Merriman Wray, Olivine's Charm School

  • The most professional, pragmatic, and process-driven consultant that we found when looking for outside help to launch our fashion/ lifestyle blog. Her guidance has been invaluable in the protocols for engaging with other bloggers to efficiently develop our own content base. Working with Sarah saved us a lot of time and money because we were able to leverage her extensive experience and her high level of clarity about how to accomplish our goals.

    Garnet Heramen, Karina Dresses/The Karina Chronicles

  • Our session with Sarah was so helpful. In addition to evaluating our current situation and offering some big picture goals, she gave us some very real, step-by-step action items to get us going on the road to internet greatness. The session was worth its weight in gold. Von Bargen, you say? Von Bargain, I say.

    Molly Nagel-Driessen, GearTrack