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Hi! I’m Sarah Von Bargen.

I help make people + businesses awesome on the internet.

(but what does that actually mean? and how do I do it?) 

I help online businesses become more awesome through…

Targeted, specific suggestions + ad space on my blog (read by 11,000+ people every day)

Bigger, more robust email lists (we write + designs ebooks that will have your readers elbowing their way to that sign up box)

I also have on-going, subscription clients but I’m (amazingly, humbly) booked out on those

I learned how to do these things by actually doing them myself.

I’ve been getting paid to write for 14 years (I interned at the same newspaper as Cheryl Strayed!), blogging at for six, and I even have a fancy Master’s Degree in Applied Linguistics.

I can tell you how to make your online life productive and profitable because I’ve done it myself. And before I was a blogger? I was a teacher - so I know how to break things down into tiny, doable steps so absolutely anybody can implement them.

Since 2011…

I’ve consulted, strategized, and ghostwritten for hundreds of companies, bloggers, and entrepreneurs. My clients include fashion labels, authors, life coaches, photographers, restaurants, psychologists, interior designers, and people who wouldn’t want you to know they have a ghostwriter.

I’ve written three ebooks, an e-course, produced and sold four calendars, and I’ve even got a literary agent and an app in the works. (In case you were wondering, that’s the sound of me trying to impress you.)

I’ve been featured on BuzzfeedForbes.comLifehackerHelloGigglesMindBodyGreenGlamourCLEO and Problogger named me one of 15 bloggers to watch in 2013. I’ve also written things (under other people’s names) that have appeared on the Huffington Post, Yahoo, and The Daily Love. But let’s just keep that between us.

Really, all of the work I do is about helping smart, talented, good-hearted people connect with their readers + customers - in a way that feels good to everyone involved. Together, we’ll create content your audience wants to see/read/watch and you’ll do it on a schedule that’s realistic, humane and caters to your strengths and skill sets.

I love the work I do and I want you to love yours, too.
Sound good?

Wonderful! Here’s what you can do next…

Together in a better internet,