Secret Weapon gives you

instantly-implementable recommendations designed specifically for your needs that will make your online presence prettier, more profitable, more popular.

(And ad space that points thousands of my readers towards

your gorgeous, newly improved site)

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Girl, I’ve seen you online.

That post last week? So funny!
That photo of your dog? Adorable.
And that thing you said on Twitter? I COULDN’T AGREE MORE.
I see what you’re doing and I like it.

I can see that you’re doing lots of things right. I also know that it’s hard to know where to direct your time + effort. It’s hair-pullingly frustrating to watch other people pull ahead. Where are the sales and retweets and guest posts with your name on them?

You know that if you could just figure out this whole social media thing (and the blogging thing and the networking thing) you’d be golden. You’re great at what you do and if you could sift through the one-size-fits-all advice and find the things that apply to you + your online space + your products, you could set the internet on fire (in the best possible, least arsonistic way).

Ugh. It’s enough to make a girl throw in the towel and devote the night to cat videos.

Secret Weapon is a built-just-for-you checklist of 15-20 suggestions for your online space paired with traffic-rocketing ad space.

Depending on your goals + products, we can get you

  • more sales + better conversions
  • readers that stick around
  • heaps more newsletter signups
  • a bigger, more engaged social media following
  • guest posts on big, high-traffic websites
  • more retweets, pins, likes

Or maybe all of the above. But the best part? This isn’t generic, this-works-for-everyone advice. This is I-stalked-you-all-over-the-internet, I-know-specifically-what-you’re-trying-to-accomplish advice.

And 30 days after you implement those just-for-you suggestions? You get ad space on my blog Yes and Yes. Which happens to be read by lots of people every day. So you get a nice, healthy jolt of traffic heading in the direction of your shiny, newly improved + optimized space.

nadine“My mailing list is flourishing! After following some - not even all - the changes you suggested, my conversion rate tripled. Tripled! I’m also seeing about twice as many inquiries for new yoga classes,  and I’ve been truly delighted with the results from advertising on Yes and Yes.

I had my second-biggest traffic spike ever the day the sponsor post went live. The only other time that many people have visited my site was when I had a piece up on YogaDork. Which says a lot about your reach!

I’ve taken ad space on blogs before and have found the experience disappointing, but with Secret Weapon and Yes and Yes, I can see direct, measurable results, and I’ll be keeping up with my ads.” Nadine Fawell, MM…Yoga!

I also promise that the suggestions I give you will be super understandable, written in non-techy English, and easy enough that you can complete several of them over your lunchbreak.  

You don’t need to learn HTML or buy any expensive software. You can work through this checklist at your own pace, on your own time, and we’ll do everything over email. (No need to coordinate time zones and Skype accounts!)

How’d I learn all this?I’ve been blogging six days a week for 5+ years  and joyfully self-employed for three.  I’ve worked with hundreds of small businesses, bloggers, consultants, and writers. I’ve been featured in places like BuzzfeedLifehacker, Forbes.comThe FriskyHelloGiggles, and Problogger even named me one of their 15 bloggers to watch in 2013! My blog has led to a calendar, an app, and a literary agent. At the risk of tooting my own horn - I know what I’m doing.

Alicia_Johnston-e1404399643805-300x286“Secret Weapon helped me gain so many Instagram and Pinterest followers! I can pinpoint the sharp increase in Instagram and Pinterest followers to the day I started using Sarah’s suggestions on my blog. I went from gaining a few new followers per week to a couple dozen. And the ad space was great! My data-loving jaw dropped when I looked at site statistics for readers from Yes & Yes: the average (lovely) visitor from Y&Y stayed on my site for 3:22 minutes compared to an average 1:22, the bounce rate was 44% compared to the average 78%, and Y&Y was my second largest traffic source for the month.”  Alicia Johnston, Jaybird blog

In my early years of blogging I learned a lot of things ‘the hard way.’ (Like, just get a newsletter already! And don’t blog about getting a Brazilian!)  I’d love to help you avoid some of those missteps and smooth the way towards more readers, more followers, more clients.[/standfirst

Interested? Here are the details:

  • Click that ‘book now’ button to purchase your Secret Weapon
  • Fill in a handy, dandy form with your various URLs and social media accounts so I can properly stalk you
  • Within 2 business days, I’ll send you a small packet with 15-20 specific-to-you suggestions
  • You spend the next 30(ish) days taking some (or all!) of that advice and polishing your online life till it shines
  • At the beginning of the next month, your 220×100 ad goes into the Yes and Yes sidebar and your images, products, and social media links are included in a sponsor post seen by all of my readers (even the ones reading in RSS feeds)
  • You bask in the glory of new clients, more traffic, and an online space you’re proud of

I really hope you’ll let me immerse myself in your online space, help you perfect it, and then introduce you to my readers. I just know that Secret Weapon will totally change your online life!

Book now! $250


“I’ve only had time to implement half of the suggestions Sarah gave me. But with just two months and seven changes, I’ve seen a marked increase in comments (three times as many as this time last year), 140+ new Twitter followers, 460+ new Pinterest followers, and readers are spending 52% more time on my site. My Domain Authority increased from 23 to 27, which from an SEO perspective, is amazing! Her suggestions with a good mix of quick fixes and more long-term enhancements that I know will lead to big things. Sarah gives you a phenomenal amount of insight and traffic for your marketing dollar.”  Erika Sevigny, All Things E