(So you can have more free time + make more money!)

Do you want your blog posts to get pinned over and over? What would engaged visitors, more subscribers, and a bigger social media following make possible for you?


Then you need an experienced, objective pair of eyes to look at your stuff and give you a bunch of simple, doable suggestions that will make your online space more popular and more profitable!


Secret Weapon can do that for you.

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Running a successful online business or blog
can feel mind-meltingly overwhelming

Between social media, email lists, blog posts, and clients it’s easy to feel lost or stuck.

 You see newer, less-talented people landing huge clients and bringing in tons of traffic. You read article after article about the things you should be doing and see course after course that will teach you about one tiny corner of your business.

But you don’t know where to start or which advice applies to you so you do nothing.

What if…

  • Your email list grew to the size you wanted?
  • Your Instagram followers looked forward to commenting on your photos?
  • Your blog posts got pinned over and over?

  • You could breathe a big, huge sigh of relief because your whole internet presence was as polished and profitable as it could be?

  • Your online presence reliably caught the eye of your favorite kind of customers?
  • You knew your site + social media were running on all cylinders?
  • You didn’t need fancy, expensive tools to shape up your online presence?
  • Your online presence could have it all together by the end of next month?


“My mailing list is flourishing! After following some - not even all - the changes Sarah suggested, my sign-up rate tripled. Tripled!

I’m also seeing about twice as many inquiries from potential clients. I had my second-biggest traffic spike ever the day the sponsored post went live. That says a lot!”

- Nadine Fawell, MM…Yoga!


“Going in, I was having a “I totally need a VA if I’m going to keep pulling this off” moment and now I feel completely grounded and un-overwhelmed. I’ve now more than doubled (soon-to-be tripled) my subscribers since I started implementing Secret Weapon. I can’t wait to see what happens next!”

- Christy Tending, Christy Tending Healing Arts


You know that successful bloggers and business owners don’t hope and guess their way to a thriving online presence… so why should you?

When you have clear, actionable and objective feedback on your online presence you can finally get traction, attract an audience, naturally build trust, and be seen as an authority your audience is excited to follow and support..

Secret Weapon, at your service

I’m Sarah Von Bargen and I help make people and businesses awesome at the internet. How? With all the skills, passion, and experience I gained doing it for myself.

I started my blog Yes & Yes in 2008 and organically grew it to 12,000+ loyal daily readers. I’ve been blogging six days a week for 8+ years and my writing has earned features in places like Buzzfeed, Lifehacker, Forbes.com, The Frisky, and HelloGiggles.

My blog has directly led to a calendar, an app, and a literary agent. I know what people like you and I need to do to build an online presence that gets noticed.

I’ve given over 1,600 website reviews and worked with hundreds of small businesses, bloggers, consultants, and writers.  My insights reliably help clients to triple their email sign ups and client bookings, attract their best readers and dramatically grow their social media following.

That’s the difference that easy-to-understand, actionable feedback from someone who knows what works (and how to accomplish it without an expensive hassle!) makes.


I was in a slump and completely over blogging before I worked with Sarah. She had great insights and saw things that I couldn’t. She really helped me get clear on what I wanted!

- Bree Hester, Baked Bree

I’ve only had time to implement half of the suggestions Sarah gave me, but I’ve seen three times as many comments as this time last year, 140+ new Twitter followers, 460+ new Pinterest followers, and readers are spending 52% more time on my site.

Her suggestions were a good mix of quick fixes and more long-term enhancements that I know will lead to big things. Sarah gives you a phenomenal amount of insight and traffic for your marketing dollar.

- Erika Sevigny, All Things E



Secret Weapon is a complete review of your online presence:
Your blog, your permanent pages, your social media accounts.

How it works:

Secret Weapon includes:

1. A fun info-gathering workbook so I can learn more about your goals, skills, and struggles.

2. Two days of my deep-dive research into your online presence. I read all your stuff from website to newsletter to social media, take notes, and look for where you can hit your goals.

3. An easy-to-understand, completely personal step-by-step plan will appear in your inbox. It will help you increase your sales, your conversion rate, and comments! (Hurray!)

4. One week of follow-up email support so you can ask questions and clarify anything that holds you back from taking action.

5. One month of ad space on my website,Yes & Yes, to showcase your new & improved online presence to my 12,000 daily readers.

Not included: party supplies for the celebration of your new subscribers, customers and hard working online presence that lets you really relax!

You already know you don’t need the same tired “top 10!” post advice. You need I-stalked-you-all-over-the-internet, I-know-specifically-what-you’re-trying-to-accomplish advice, partnered with a chance for my audience to fall head-over-heels for you.

Done with works-for-everyone advice
that never really helps?
Let’s do this right, together:

Book now! $350 USD


Frequently asked questions:

I’m not very technical, is this for me?

Absolutely. The suggestions I give you will be super understandable, written in non-techy English. You’ll have all the context you need to start improving every area of your online space. And if you need help or clarification, just ask!

Do I need to have any specific software or buy anything to complete the changes?

You don’t need to learn HTML or buy any expensive software. My suggestions are based on what you can do, right now, to make your online presence more effective. Fancy software is no substitute for action!

Is this for blogs or websites? Do I need to have a specific kind of online presence for this to work?

This service can help you if you have a blog, a website, both, an online shop, or any kind of online presence.

How would we communicate?

We’ll do everything over email, so there’s no need to coordinate time zones and Skype accounts! 

How hard are these changes to make? 

These suggestions are a mix of ‘you can do this is five minute’ and ‘this will take you two weeks but it will double your email list’. Some tweaks you can make on your lunch break, others will be something to work at over a couple of weeks.

What if what I do is different than most of your clients?

That’s alright! I’ve done over 1600 website reviews, so you’ll have to work hard to surprise me. I’ve reviewed the online presences of blogs, websites, service based businesses, product based businesses, information product businesses, artists, photographers, coaches and pretty much anything else you can think of.

In the rare case that I don’t think I’m a good match for what you need, I’ll let you know and you won’t be charged.

How long do I have to make the changes?

I recommend taking one month, but once you receive the action plan it’s completely up to you. You get to work at your own pace, on your own time.



When I got the packet that Sarah put together for me I thought “Yes! Awesome! This is exactly what I was looking for. I’ll be ready for visitors and new subscribers instead of doubting everything!”

Since I booked Secret Weapon I’ve seen a 360% increase in subscribers, 60% increase in Twitter followers, and a 60% in Pinterest followers. The ad space on Yes & Yes brought in the most page views I’ve ever had. All of it has made me feel like the biggest success ever!”

– Nadine Dohring


I can pinpoint the sharp increase in Instagram and Pinterest followers to the day I started using Sarah’s suggestions on my blog. I went from gaining a few new followers per week to a couple dozen.

And the ad space was great! My data-loving jaw dropped when I looked at site statistics for readers from Yes & Yes: the (lovely) visitors from Yes & Yes stayed on my site for more than twice as long than the average visitor, and twice as many of them went on to explore my website than the average visitor.”

– Alicia Johnston, Jaybird blog



Stop guessing and start seeing results:

Book now! $350 USD