How To Blog If You Don’t Like Writing

I originally wrote this for the Vianza blog.  Vianza is a platform that connects designers + wholesalers + retailers and removes approximately 99% of the stress and hassle of doing business.  Check out their blog for super helpful small business tips!

So we’ve established that your business probably needs a blogBut what if you don’t actually, um, like writing?

 Fear not, friend!  There are ways around it!  A few tips and tricks:

 1) Realize that your posts need not be Shakespeare
Grammatically correct? Yes.  Accompanied by attractive visuals?  Yes. Of a readable length with easily scannable bits?  Yes.  Pulitzer-worthy prose?  No.   Really, there are some very, very successful bloggers who are (in my opinion) non-awesome writers.  But they’ve got gorgeous photos, their lovely personalities come through in their writing, and the information they’re sharing is helpful and useful!  Done and done. Write the way you talk, be conscious of spelling and grammar mistakes, and be brave enough to try.  That’s about it.

 2) Podcasts
If you’re funny and articulate with a great speaking voice, podcasts should be your jam.  You can natter away on your topic of choice for 15-30 minutes, edit it a bit in Audacity (free!  easy to use!), write up a wee summary and, voila!  Blog post!

 3) Image-heavy posts
This method is best for certain types of businesses - photographers, designers, style or fashion-related businesses, etc.  Probably not a headhunter.  Or a life coach.  But if your business is image-based, your readers want to see what you’re up to!  So use Picmonkey (also easy! also free!) to create a nice layout of that kitchen you redecorated/that wedding you shot/the fabric for your next line and then add 100 words explaining the project and you’re done.

 4) Product round ups
If you’re a consultant or own a shop that carries multiple products that address specific needs, your readers and customers would probably love a roundup of this-is-life-changing-you-have-to-buy-it products. If you’re a interior decorator, how about your favorite wallpapers? Or colorful throw rugs?  These posts only require a short intro and product description.

 5) Videos
If you like podcasts (and you don’t mind seeing yourself on camera) vlogs can be a great option.  And they don’t even have to crazy professional!  JennaMarbles has made an entire career out of super funny but not-particularly-polished Youtube videos.  Marie Forleos blog consists exclusively of super professional, once-a-week videos.  Both approaches work!

 6) For the advanced: hire a Virtual Assistant
If your hourly rate is more than $50 and you really, really, really hate writing, it might be worth your time to hire a Virtual Assistant with writing chops.  You can record your thoughts or dictate a blog post and then have your VA transcribe it and shape it into a blog post.  How fancy!

Do any of your really, really hate writing?  How have you managed while having a blog?

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I”m sorry, but this concept is ridiculous to me and I have lost a bit of respect for Sarah for even posting this. I’m a writer/editor. If you truly hate writing, YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE A BLOG. There are already way too many dumb blogs out there, all saying the same things, and most make me cringe to read them because guess what? I can tell you don’t like writing and you are very bad at it. Seriously. Stop it right now and do something else that you’re good at, and that you enjoy doing.



It’s great that you like writing and that you’re good at it. If a small business approached you and asked you how they should promote their business online, what would you recommend?

Not everyone is a born writer, but it’s been proven about a million times over that blogs increase a business’s web traffic exponentially. These suggestions aren’t aimed at individuals, they’re aimed small businesses run by super busy (maybe not-great-at-writing) people who know they need to promote themselves but are intimidated by writing 500 word tutorials.


I fully realize I’m not being constructive. Sarah’s suggestions are good (post photos, or audio, or something else). But I honestly think there are way too many blogs and crafty online moms out there already, sorry. I can TELL that you are just posting something to post something, and it turns me off. And if you don’t like promoting your business, you shouldn’t have a small one-man business. You should work for someone else.

I feel like I’m back in my teens where everyone had to be in a band to have punk-rock credibility. There are lots of different ways to be punk rock. You don’t have to do what everyone else is doing. I’m not trying to be mean. Maybe the way this post was worded set me off. If you HATE it, it’s not for you.


Well I liked this post and these tips! I’m not very good at righting, but you are crazy to say I shouldn’t have a blog! I share my graphic design work and other things that I am passionate about for others to enjoy! And I’m not posting something to post something, Some of my favorite blogs are image and design heavy!

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