A 2 Step Plan To A (Much) Better Business


For the last year I’ve been doing something really easy and basic that has made a huge difference in my business and blog.

And for a long time, I put it under the heading of “so obvious I don’t want to tell anybody about it because surely they’re already doing it.”  But you know what?  I’m going to err on the side of telling you something you already know.

So here’s what I do:

Every day I set my trusty Pomodoro timer for 20 minutes and engage in some ‘professional development.’

Maybe I clean up old sales pages or I read smart, helpful things (I love Copyblogger, Problogger, and Small Business Bonfire).  I listen to Blogcast FM.  I might read An Actual Book (!) or research the submission guidelines for a website I want to pitch.  Regardless, I don’t really have a chance to get bored because it’s just 20 minutes.

Then, I set my timer for another 20 minutes and spend that time talking to my readers and with people I think are awesome (those are frequently one and the same.)
I respond to comments on my blog, Twitter, and Facebook.  I leave comments on blogs and find content I want to promote.  I email people I admire and find companies I want to pitch.  And juuuuuust as I’m about to lose interest and search for the newest yelling goat video, the timer rings.

It seems sort of ridiculous but those 40 minutes a day?  They really, really add up.
And even if you just do 20 minutes, a few times a week?  I promise you’ll see difference.

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Melinda's Musings

Thanks Sarah! I’m terrible with time management so I like these quick tips for doing beneficial blog work in just 40 minutes. Do you have any suggestions on finding time and mental clarity to write (blog posts) when you work full time and have various other commitments?


Thanks Sarah. I’m in the same boat though - I work full time. Still working on the time management thing!


Hi guys - when I was working full time, I’d get up an hour early every day and do my writing then. It really helped!


I love setting my alarm app for tasks - all sorts of tasks that need to be taken care of. I think I went through 5 or 6 apps specifically looking for one that fit my needs/tastes and once I found it, I have not looked back. Great advice <3


Hi Sarah! I just stumbled upon your blog and this post is just what I needed to read (love when that happens, thanks universe) I’m going to get a timer and try this approach because I have such a hard time managing my time and productivity. Now, wish me luck on finding a timer on Amazon quickly so I can get back to business!


great idea for those of us who are working on too many projects and think of the “next” project instead of the one we are working on.

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