Social media is a bit overwhelming, isn’t it? All this googling of your twitter and flickring of one’s facebook - it’s enough to make a girl clutch her pearls and huff “Well, I never!”

Stop with the pearl-clutching, friend.  Social media is little more than one big dinner party, in which we all mill about complimenting each other’s shoes, showing off vacation photos, exchanging cocktail recipes and name-dropping. See? Not intimidating at all. I can help make you the most popular guest at the dinner party.

Together, we can:

  • Build a Facebook page for your business that people will ‘Like’ (like, really)
  • Create a Twitter account that people will actually follow
  • Befriend all the cool kids on Twitter (I believe this is what they call ‘networking’)
  • Curate a Twitter stream full of useful, funny, clickable content
  • Produce a Flickr account overflowing with gorgeous, linkable photos
  • Choose a blogging platform that’s right for you and your customers
  • Craft a blog that people other than your mom will read

How do I know all these things?  Because I’ve done them myself! A Twitter stream with 2,600 talkative, involved followers!  A Facebook page with 1,640+ friends!  Flickr groups and messages boards, ahoy!

If you’re a Very Important Person who’s got better things to do than shorten URLs and respond to @messages, I can be your tweeter/facebooker/blogger in residence.  But if you’d like to learn the trade yourself, I’m happy to teach you and then hand over the reins!

If you need someone to (kindly, gently) show you the social media ropes, drop me a line.