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7 Insanely Useful Posts About Small Business

Scared to pitch a magazine or blog?  Here’s how to do it.
Here’s what you need to know: Editors make decisions about moving forward with a pitch within the first few seconds of opening the email.  So smart publicists have begun adjusting their pitching format to this new, time-crunched reality, shortening the pitch length to one or two small paragraphs and pairing it with a great image (embedded directly into the body of the email so it’s the first thing the editor sees upon opening it). The fact sheet or condensed paragraph, while still important, is available to the editor in a link.

If you’re a local brick and mortar business Twitter can see a bit counter-intuitive.  Here are two super helpful articles that’ll help!

An exhaustive post about social media etiquette with input from tons of big name bloggers.

So helpful!  How to do SEO in five minutes.  Really!

Want to add a ‘pin it’ button to your photos?  In a way that’s non-annoying and ‘on-brand’?  Done.

You want a zero inbox for life, right?

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7 Posts To Read If You Care About Your Business + Blog

Are you looking at this blog post thinking “Well, that’s a cop out, Sarah.  You didn’t even write anything!  You just linked to a bunch of helpful, informative stuff!”

And while that is true, dear reader, there’s a method to my madness.  Link round ups are a great way for me (or you or any business/blogger) to help out their readers/customers and build relationships with the people they’re linking to.

Also: I wanted an excuse to feature that hilarious sheep print.

Is it time to abandon Facebook?
First, the minute you actually depend on Facebook for your business, they will change their terms of service in a way that causes you pain.  Second, “engagement” does not equal “customers.” I see too many coaches in particular who have magnificent engagement on Facebook. They get tons of shares and comments and likes. But that’s not translating into business. That’s not marketing, it’s an annoying hobby.

The art of getting retweets.

How to write emails that get an immediate response.

15 WordPress user errors that make you look silly.

You probably already know that guest posting on other blogs and hosting guest posts is one of the best ways to network and boost traffic.  Here are two great (free!) downloadable worksheets to help get you pointed in the right direction.

Got a product that’s not selling as much as you want?  Here are 8 ways to boost your sales.

It’s totally possible to take great product photos using just a bright seamless background, natural light and free photo editing software.  Yes, really!

Have you read any particularly helpful posts lately?  Leave links in the comments!

image by art california, for sale here.