Hurry! Or these 9 helpful blog posts will get cold!

Isn’t this cute? Download it here

It’s the end of the month! I’ve been stockpiling great links for you!

If you’re suffering from blogger’s block, Jess has six great places you can find content ideas.

If you can only spend a limited amount of time on social media, how should you spend it?

I loved Michelle’s post about how freelancers need to stop giving each other limiting advice.
Every time I’ve asked for help in replying to a terrible email, when I thought it has been clear that my main issue is in composing a break-up reply that does not turn into just one big long blue streak of swear words, I’ve had people respond suggesting ways I can salvage the project and keep working with the client.

Ooooh! 10 interesting ways to use Instagram!

Want to make your life better? (Dur, we all do.) Five simple emails you can send that will do just that.

What’s the daily habit that contributed to Steve Jobs success? (It’s not what you’d expect.)
Think about work/life integration, not balance. “Balance” suggests that the two are opposite and have nothing in common. But that’s not true. If you keep them separate, you don’t learn to transfer what you do successfully in one domain to the other. When we’re mindful, we realize that categories are person-constructed and don’t limit us.

Food bloggers! Or anybody who photographs things inside! This is for you! 5 ways to improve your photography with artificial light.

Co-signed on this: the biggest mistake I made starting my freelance business.

Also: Email guidelines for the world.

And a few posts you might have missed: 2 Lazy Things I’m Doing To Improve My Writing + Business By Osmosis and How To Win Friends + Influence Buyers On Instagram


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