3 Blog Post Ideas You Might Not Have Thought Of

Suffering from writer’s block?  Or blogger’s block?  Fear not!  Here are three clever blog post ideas to get your creative juices a ‘flowing.

1. Interview other people in your field
Are you a graphic designer?  Interview other graphic designers.   Health coach?  Talk to a raw vegan chef.  Stylist?  Interview someone at your favorite fashion label.  Just make sure to include lots of photos, keep the post to 300ish words, and ask them questions that will elicit really useful or interesting answers.  When I interview my Real Life Style Icons I always ask them about their favorite fashion-related childhood memory and their three best style tips. Of course, @mention your interviewees on Twitter so they can promote the interview if they want to.

2. (Number) ways to (verb) (noun)
5 ways to style our polka dotted cardigan!  7 ways to use our app!  10 ways to cook with our olive oil!   3 ways to decorate with our bunting!
You get the idea.

3. Show us that you’re on trend
Did you just launch a line of chevron patterned dresses?  Show us other chevron patterned goods.  Your boutique just started selling goats’ milk soap?  Show us other cute goat-y stuff. You’re launching a new series of yoga classes?  Tell us about cute yoga gear and link to other people who are writing about yoga.  As always, @mention anyone you link to.

Share your post ideas with us in the comments!

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Thanks so much for all the ideas. I have been thinking about interviewing other makers, I live in Chicago and there are so many wonderful designers, but I have to get the courage up to do so. Your post is inspiring me to finally approach someone.

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