7 Crazy helpful links for bloggers + creatives + small business owners

In which I round up incredibly helpful links for you! In the theme of self-employment, creativity, and small business!

I’ve hung up my copy-writing gloves (with the exception of this one client) but if you need guidance writing a sales page this 15-part blog series is SO INSANELY HELPFUL.

Is it just me or is Google Analytics ridiculously non-intuitive? Ugh. Never fear, Freelancers Union is sharing the basics with us.

I pour 90% of my social media effort into Twitter (are we friends?) so this super scientific breakdown of words to use (and avoid) is incredibly helpful.

You pre-schedule out your Tweets, right?  Are you using the Buffer app? And if you are, are you doing it correctly?

If work is wearing you down or you’re just having a tough time staying positive, here are five tips to staying happy even when you’re exhausted.

Did you know you can make your images more SEO-friendly?

Podcast recommendations for creatives and small business owners - I hadn’t heard of most of these!

And a few things you might have missed: Why you need to post consistently and How to blog if you don’t like writing

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VERY COOL! And very helpful! I’ve opened all of those in tabs and will spend the day checking them out. Merci!


What? What was wrong with the gloves? They seemed like a perfect fit.

Thanks for the links! Super useful, as always.

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No chic, Sherlock!

Loved the photo in this post. Thank you for all these links and super helpful tips. they are bookmarked as is this post of yours :) I was just thinking and debating (with myself of course) about twitter and should I get it. I`ve had it for my previous blog and privately but kind of decided to drop it. But I am considering it more and more and your advice is of great help :) So, thank you.

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