Why Having A Personality On The Internet Will Help Your Business

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Let your weirdo shine through! People hire people they like and how can we like you if we don't know anything about you?
If you’ve ever read my blog or if we’re friends on Twitter, you probably know:
I love - without irony - Ke$ha, Dolly Parton, Richard Simmons.
I think dressing my cat in costumes is hilarious.
I travel heaps and have been plotting a trip to Russia and Mongolia for a while now.
I would rather read National Geographic than Cosmo. Any day. Ever.

I’m sure there are people out there who would hide their love of cat costumes and ‘Die Young‘ under the proverbial bushel.  And maybe you feel like - despite my many happy clients - you can’t take me seriously because last year I wore a drop-crotch onesie, a single earring, and a faux-mo to a Ke$ha concert.  (I’m 34.)

And that’s totally okay.

While I don’t write a lot about my personal life or the intimate details of my relationships or family on the internet I very, VERY much believe in being who you are.  All the time. Online and off.

For me this means:
Occasionally being a hardass.  Being totally transparent about how much I charge and how I work.  Trying new things. Being open about my failures.  Liking what I like - unapologetically.

Why is it important to have a personality - on the internet AND in real life?

1. It will separate you from the crowd
There are about a million website designers/social media consultants/content strategists/life coaches and many of them deliver equally good products.  But inevitably, we hire people we like.  And you know who we like?  People we relate to.  I love working with Kim Lawler because she’s talented and prompt.  I also like working with her because her About page says “I think this is the place where I’m supposed to tell you that I’m a “web development ninja”, or a “jQuery wizard”… while both of these things might be true, I’m not a douchebag, so I won’t.”   There are heaps of lovely, mellow, green-juice drinking life coaches out there.  I will never hire any of them because I don’t particularly enjoy meditation or green juice.  I enjoy hip hop and coffee.

2. It will help you find your people
Success isn’t just about the people who hire you, it’s about the people you surround yourself with.  When you’re honest about who you are and what you’re about, you’ll attract similarly-minded people.  I’ve found amazing online and offline friendships with Winona, Kelly, Rachel, Alex, Marie and heaps more ladies - partially because we all love Dolly Parton and partially because who we are online is who we are offline.

3. It’s a million times easier than pretending to be something you’re not
A cautionary tale: a good friend of mine founded a successful accessory label when she was in her early twenties.  Said friend loves to drink, swear, tell dirty jokes, and generally be as awesome as humanly possible.  But her brand? It was all satin and buttoned-up sweater sets.  She felt like who she was wasn’t really ‘the right fit’ for her label so she spent yeaaaaars promoting and producing beautiful pieces that she, herself, probably wouldn’t use and going to cocktail parties in fancy dresses and making polite chit chat when she probably would have rather been at home watching The Walking Dead.

She also spent some time in therapy.

Lesson: it’s exhausting, time-consuming, unsustainable, and probably unhealthy to hide who you are on the internet.

So let that weirdo shine!  Tell us what you’re into, how you work, what you don’t like.  We’ll probably like you even more.

Who do you think lets their personality shine through online?  I think Ash Ambirge, Nicole Antoinette, and Smaggle do a great job with this.




I love this! I also have an unhealthy obsession with Ke$ha (just discovered her show on MTV, haha, so hilarious) and I love knowing that about you too! Sometimes it’s hard to figure out your internet voice when you’re just staring out (like me) but you’re so right- just be your regular self!

Also through this post I just discovered Nicole Antoinette and now I want to read every one of her posts, haha. So thank you for that :)

kitty cat stevens

that makes three of us— everyone thinks i’m being sarcastic when i say i love ke$ha’s music buttttt they just don’t get it!

i’ve talked to my partner before about how if someone doesn’t hire me because they google my name and find my blog then it’s probably for the best!

i love this post so much (and you, weirdness and all!) <3


Thank you for writing this post! Let the weirdo shine is a great reminder. I have been so hesitant to share or say things online. But this is a great reminder to just be who we are in it’s entirety, because whoever that is is way more interesting than our censored version. I enjoy meditation, green juice, hip hop & coffee and often all in the same day! ;)

Claire (Eat Well. Party Hard.)

“There are heaps of lovely, mellow, green-juice drinking life coaches out there. I will never hire any of them because I don’t particularly enjoy meditation or green juice. I enjoy hip hop and coffee.”

It absolutely makes my day to know that we have this in common.


This is truly wonderful advice that I wish I had listen to when friends/family/my husband/random drunk strangers at parties would insist that I was trying too hard to be something specific when I could so easily just be myself. Still working on finding a balance that is 75% business / 25% aerialist cat lady (instead of the inverse), but it is one hell of a lot easier than trying to figure out how to pretend to be an entirely different person.


Couldn’t agree more.
I occasionally have my dilemmas about virtual presence as my day job is rather conservative. However, in the end - people either like me or they don’t and I’d rather they love me for who I really am. Quirky, weird and too obsessed with music and photography and stuff.


I couldn’t agree more. The blogs I adore the most are the ones that have personality. And the reason that they have personality is that the person behind them isn’t afraid to shine through in their work. I’d much rather read about someone who talks about their near-pathological lust for cheese and shares pictures of their bed hair than someone who looks perfectly curated at all times.

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Love this article. I would love to inject more of my personality and the things I like into my online presence, but it seems like there’s such a fine line between being seen as an expert and sharing personal things about yourself. I could be wrong? I would love to know a few basic ways to be able to start doing this more.

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[…] Why having a personality on the internet helps […]

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