10 awesome links (and 1 video) for smarty-pants small business owners

Good advice from Steve Jobs: get rid of the crappy stuff.

I just abandoned the Facebook page for Yes and Yes. Are we the ones who are actually ruining social media sites?
A long-time problem of social networks has been that the bad feelings they can generate are greatly disproportional to good ones. In strict terms of self-motivation, posting something and getting a good reception feels good. But most of Facebook use is watching other people post about their own accomplishments and good times. For a social network of 300 friends with an even distribution of auspicious life events, you are seeing 300 times as many good things happen to others as happen to you (of course, everyone has the same amount of good luck, but in bulk for the consumer, it doesn’t feel that way). If you were happy before looking at Facebook, or even after posting your own good news, you’re not now.

Well, this is insanely helpful! 50 ideas for things to put on social media.

If you’re writing an ebook, the title is (obviously) incredibly important. Here are three ingredients in a best-selling book title.

I’m obsessed with this WordPress theme.  Gorgeous!

I conduct all my True Story interviews over email, but I still found these interview tips to be super helpful.

Want to write a bestselling book? (Who doesn’t?) This post is full of a million tips and resources.

Would you like to email someone who’s incredibly busy? Here’s how to get their attention.
Nothing drives people crazier than an email where someone sends over a lot of information but doesn’t say what they’d like you to do. I often respond to those immediately by asking: What do you want me to do?
Do you want me introduce you to someone? Do you want me read your blog post and give you feedback? Do you want me to respond with whether I’ll be able to attend an event? Be clear and say it explicitly up front.

If you’re creating images and updates unique to each social media platform (which you should be) here’s a great sizing guide for every platform, ever.

Yes!  10 ways to share your creativity and get discovered.

Annnnnd a blog post that’s a note-to-self for me: how to switch off when you work at home.

What good things have you read recently? Leave links in the comments! 


Lesley Myrick

Abandoning the Yes and Yes Facebook page was just the nudge I needed to shut down my Lesley Myrick Art + Design page too. It’s felt like dead weight for a while - thanks for the encouragement and the reminder that it’s okay not to be on EVERY social platform! I’d rather focus and do just a couple of channels really well.


Right?! And it’s so oddly time consuming to upload photos, shorten links, schedule it on Facebook. UGH. I’ve been putting my efforts into Twitter and my newsletter 🙂


Sarah - you have the BEST links by far! Every week on Yes and Yes and here on the small business blog - I truly love every link you have. Most link posts have many many duds, but yours are thoughtful, helpful, pinnable and fun. Thanks so much!


Oh, thanks so much! My Favorites folder is always overflowing! I even do ‘Fave read of the day’ tweets because there are still links I don’t have space to include on the blogs!

Annie - The Ranting Latina

Idk what took me so long to comment on here b/c it’s been such a great resource and inspiration for so long! Anyways, I’m here now and that’s what matters hehe.

Those 50 ideas ARE fantastic (GRACIAS!) and I’d love to close down my blog’s FB page but some campaigns I participate in require FB shares so UGH. I’ve even sent those networks + others an article of yours about what to do now that FB sucks (or sth. like that) but they tell me that their clients require FB so it’s a double whammy.

Can’t wait for FB to go away; it’s pesky! I closed my personal acct last year and it’s been so blissful w/o it! (I created a new one under a pseudonym but only to follow my fave sites and brands.)

Thanks for this post and all others, Sarah!

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