8 Things Clever Bloggers Might Want To Read

Clever, helpful links!  Useful information that will help you kick ass on the internet, make more money, make internet friends, and navigate the world of social media!

Want to do one of those posts where your readers upload links directly into your post?  Here’s the widget you need.

There are a gajillion marketing strategies.  How do you find the right one(s) for your business?  Here’s some great advice.
Your marketing strategy should be about building trust, credibility and visibility for your brand, by reaching the right audience, understanding the existing needs and interests within that segment, and clearly communicating the value of what you have to offer … But not every strategy is appropriate for every business, and it does take some trial and error to nail down the ones that will yield the best results from your time and investment.

Great advice on branding your blog.

Want to see what’s getting pinned from your blog?

20 (!) ways to get people to link to your site or blog post.

A game to help you manage your email.

Need some productivity inspiration?  Here’s how Tim Ferriss works.
What everyday thing are you better at than anyone else? What’s your secret?
Saying “no” to things. I have a not-to-do list, which allows me to get more done than my to-do list. Second, I drink a LOT of yerba mate tea, preferably Cruz de Malta (con palo). Useful for 10pm-5am writing marathons on a deadline. My constant late-night companions are Casino Royale and Shawn of the Dead on repeat.

If you’re redesigning your website and need some visual inspiration, check out siteInspire.  

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