8 Blog Posts Clever People Might Want To Read


The internet! It’s overflowing with super helpful platforms/websites/blog posts! But you knew that already, didn’t you?

Here are some of my favorite links as of late.

What? All the best copywriting formulas in one place?  Dontmindifido!

I already talked about how to keep your blog advertisers happy. But what if you want to sell more ads on your blog?
Think of a few companies and brands you love and want to represent. Small companies and shops work really well, but definitely go for some bigger names. Reach out to these companies and tell them how much you love them. Introduce yourself and your site, and tell them how your site will help them. Most businesses have never considered blog advertising. Tell ‘em what’s up!

It sure is nice when traditional media pays attention to you.  Here’s how to become a media darling and sponsorship magnet!

Welp, this is insanely helpful.  15 digital resources you might have missed.

Noisette Academy’s newsletter is super helpful.  Yes, really!

I love a good peek behind the curtain.  As such, I’ve been compulsively reading How They Blog.

BOOKMARK THIS ISH. 41 Fresh Blog Post Ideas For Your Company’s Blog.
22. Respond to industry research with your own perspective. Offer a fresh angle to spark conversation.
23. Do a survey with Survey Monkey among your community members and create an infographic based on the results.
24. Do a poll of your Twitter community with a  Twtpoll  or your Facebook community with a Facebook Question and post the results on your blog.
25. Do an in-depth case study about one company, or offer a few examples of how other companies do something successfully.

How do bloggers make money?

Have you read anything particularly helpful lately?  Share links in the comments!

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Melissa L.

Love your curated links! I always discover enormous amounts of inspiration from the resources you share.

Jess | Sparrow + Sea

Great bunch of posts!
This is not new, but I only discovered it in the past week (and that’s what counts, yeah?!). Love it: http://www.sarahwilson.com.au/2011/06/so-youd-like-to-be-a-writer-yeah/

jason lynes

thanks for including Passionfruit! the Problogger map of how bloggers make money will come in handy here shortly.

speaking of which i would love to interview you for our new podcast.. i’ll get in touch!

Kat Lee

Thanks so much for sharing How They Blog with your readers! I’m so glad you’re enjoying it.

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