9 Wonderful Posts About Blogging + Creativity + Business-ing

18875946_15238842_pmA cute print from Saskia Keultjes

I rounded up the best of the net! For you!

Etsy friends! Sarah has made over 500 Etsy sales - here’s what she’s learned.

Pop-ups are annoying, but they totally work (I use IP-sensitive pop up Opt In Monster so once you close the pop-up, you won’t see it again till you clean your cookies or use a different IP). If you’d prefer not to use a pop-up, here are seven spots for your opt-in.

I love how Esme outlined her process for writing and designing her book. So helpful!

Also helpful, Maria’s post about discovering your competitor’s success secrets - without getting too jealous.

6 ways to recharge. I particularly like the tip about creating your own stop signs.

If you’ve ever struggled to price your work (who hasn’t?!) Kyla made you some worksheets that’ll help!

A complete beginner’s guide to starting a lifestyle blog.

Interesting! If you, like me, are trying to cobble together your ‘graphic design’ with what’s available in Picmonkey, you’ll love this tutorial on font pairing. (It’s so much more complex than I thought!)

If you want better content ideas, here’s a 144 slide presentation on how to do that. So.

If you’ve read or written anything particularly amazing lately, leave the links in the comments!

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