Why You Need Matching Social Media Accounts + How To Get Them

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Raise your hand if you have a abandoned, half-hearted memberships to half a dozen social media sites.

And raise your hand if you joined a social media platform ‘just for fun’ and now you’re posting about your business under a not-totally-professional handle.

We’ve all been there, but ….

Janky, disjointed, mismatched social media profiles are bad for business.

How many times have you seen this:

On Twitter, your favorite store has a handle of @marysteacups. Awesome! You scoot over to Facebook so give them a ‘like’, but you find it almost impossible to locate their page. It’s not facebook.com/marysteacups. No sign of Mary’s Teacups when you do a search.

When you finally (finally) locate the page, you find a messy URL with an indecipherable string of numbers tacked on to the end. It’s annoying, and it’s totally unnecessary to force your customers to chase you around the internet just to give you some love!

You need matching social media accounts. Why?

You’ll look more professional

Once you decide on a name, stick with it, and hoover up all the real-estate you can get your hands on. If you are your brand and you’re going with @firstname_lastname on Twitter, go with the same on Instagram. If you can snag Facebook.com/firstnamelastname (or something close), do it!

There’s no reason to leave your potential customers or fans playing a guessing game to find you. Make it easy and make it obvious. (To set a vanity Facebook URL for a fan page, log in to your account and navigate here: https://www.facebook.com/username.)

You’ll encourage people to engage with and share your content

It’s much easier to write, “Find me on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest at @brandname!” than it is to list three different handles.

While it might not always be possible to get your desired usernames, you should get as close as possible and keep an eye on the handles you want in case they become available. When your handles reflect your brand in a concise and clear way, your viewers will have an incentive to not only check you out on your different platforms, but to engage with you on them as well.

You’ll protect your brand

You might not be Twitter-famous yet, but why risk having handles that can be closely associated with your brand snagged by someone who has nothing to do with your business? Having control of your name on different platforms means that you get to determine what’s done with the real estate.

Even if that’s nothing, it’s important for you to control the content and messaging through as many of the channels at your disposal as possible.

So, how can you get your social media in order?

Start with your domain

If you’re currently blogging on a free platform like Blogger or WordPress.com, make the $10 investment and get yourself a custom dot com. If you’re feeling particularly thorough, look into securing the .net, .org, or other similar secondary domains as well! This is the first step to putting your best foot forward online and to avoid co-branding yourself with a third-party.

Bring your handles in line

If you currently Tweet from @firstname_lastname and Instagram from @highschoolnickname, start changing your handles to match your brand and each other! Whether that means that both are @firstname_lastname or @companyname is up to you, but make a choice and stick with it. Namechk.com allows you to check handle availability across every single platform so you can come up with a handle that’s available everywhere.

Secure old handles so nobody else uses them

If you already have a following and don’t want anyone else to use your old username, swoop in behind yourself and secure your old handles with a new account. While it seems a bit strange to hold on to a handle that you’ll rarely use, you’ll want to have control over your old account to 1) prevent anyone else from pretending to be you and 2) direct any fans that may not check in with you regularly to your new handles.

If you have a common name, get creative

If your name is Sarah Smith or Jessica Johnson, you might have to get creative when it comes to choosing a handle. I’d stay away from birth years, puns, or geographical locations - what happens if you move?

Try something like: @helloSarahSmith or @SarahSmithLTD or @SarahSmith! (yes, with the exclamation point.) I like what @heyKatieLee @byReginaTV @xoSarahMorgan and @loveValGeisler did with their handles.

Lock down your handle on new social media platforms

New social media platforms are popping up all the time and while you might not want to use them right this second, who knows how you’ll feel a year from now? It’d be a pity to join Periscope only to find someone else using your handle. When a new platform shows up on your radar, create an account, and secure your handle so if you do ever decide to use it, you’ll be able to use it under the right name.

That’s it!

An investment of 20 minutes is all it takes to get your house in order and begin to project a streamlined and professional front online.

How can you make your online presence more cohesive?  What mistakes have you made along the way?

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