11 articles + tools that will end your business year on a high note

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This is the last link roundup for 2015! We’ve got a great guest post coming up for you next week and then I’ll be taking the rest of December off from Sarahvonbargen.com. Too busy eating lefse and latkes!

The hard work is easier when you choose to love it.

A collection of letters from famous people, graciously saying ‘no.’

So, so, so helpful! Free, time-saving design tools for non-designers. (I particularly like the tool that helps you pair Google fonts!)

Have you ever wondered how freelancers and people with super diverse income streams make it work? Lauren writes about it here and I really like that she addresses being married and being a freelancer.

Unlike me, my husband, John, works a traditional 9-to-5 office job. I’m pretty sure a lot of people just assume John provides for me, or at least pays some of my bills. Not the case. We split everything 50-50, because yes, I make about as much as he does with my weird job.

Have you guys seen Pickle Jar? Every day they upload another beautiful, free, Creative Commons image that you can use however you like!

I’m not always as proactive about improving my writing as I could be. Here are 50 short, easy tips to tweak and practice your writing skills.

Have you ever heard of Wordoid? It combines two real words into one new word - it’s great for product naming and idea-ing! “Literacted” “Finitively,” indeed!

I love it when bloggers let their readers behind the proverbial curtain. Sarah shares 6 things I did to try and build my business that didn’t work at all.

Let’s be real. Building a ‘personal brand’ is weird.

I don’t think it’s possible to appeal to everyone and still be authentic, let alone unique. When Leland declared my web-site font “almost hippie-dippy,” I couldn’t help but get a bit defensive. So what if it is? My truest self does not use “impact” as a verb. My truest self likes to be catty about former employers that have done me wrong, not write pleasant summaries of what I was able to achieve while working there. My truest self is sending GIFs to my friends, not cheerfully influencing strangers’ thoughts.

Have you ever been asked to do ‘spec work’ for free? Watch how people in other industries react to that foolishness.

YES. I loved Jennifer’s honest essay about how you can really have it all (it’s not the usual advice, either!)

Flexibility is great, but don’t sacrifice too much income for it. Plenty of people have extremely flexible careers because they are freelancers who barely have any work.

It’s also possible to have a career that’s so flexible that it gets flexed into nonexistence when your partner makes more money and there’s childcare to take care of. You can work “anytime, from anywhere,” so your work time gets relegated to naptime (no word on when you get to eat or shower). It only gets worse from there.

And a few things I wrote that you might have missed: How to host your first workshop and How to deal when people unsubscribe/unfollow/troll your blog.



I can’t believe we are already talking about ending the year?! I have been rounding up my year already too, it’s weird.So very useful inspiration in the post today, and have a wonderful break!!


Enjoy your break! I didn’t get a chance to read the full article, but I thought the last point on flexibility lined up with what I’ve seen in my work as a career coach. There’s generally a seesaw effect between compensation and quality of life/ fulfillment.

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