13 Posts That Will Make Your Online Life Better, Tighter + More Fun

It’s the end of the month, dudes! I’ve been re-writing two of my ebooks, making them Kindle-friendly, and getting ready to sell them on Amazon (it is sooooo much more work than I expected). If it turns out, I’ll tell you everything I learned!

Awesome, helpful links I found for you:

FASCINATING. What it feels like to go viral.
The feeling was something that was most analogous to situations that hadn’t really occurred since high school: scoring a goal in soccer, or finding out your crush likes you back.

Are you doing all these things to get your work discovered? (I was doing about half!)

Can you work smarter not harder? UMM YES.

How to keep burnout at bay. I love the suggestion of finding a ‘uniform’ so you can save your creativity for other stuff!

Related: How to get out of your inbox and into your life.

Also related: 4 ways to retrain your brain to handle information overload.

Also also related: 10 ways to declutter your tech experience.

Are you failing to reach your income goals? Maybe this is why.

Now, I happen to think you should actually take a lunch break (and use it to do something fun) but if you’re going to eat at your desk, upgrade that ish.

I know there are people who think blogging is dead. Lauren has grown her business like WHOA and it’s because of her blog. She outlines the how + why here.

But here’s a woman who launched a successful freelance business WITHOUT ANY ONLINE PRESENCE. #isthatevenathing #apparentlyitspossible

Yes, you can work for yourself without crushing your soul.
Your work will suffer if you’re in it for likes on Dribbble or retweets from peers or industry awards that only matter to your industry (and not the clients you serve) because you’re focused on attention instead of actually solving a problem. Whether you like it or not, your intentions are evident, so make sure that what you do is indeed what you want others to see and know.

Have you read anything super helpful lately? If you have, please share a link in the comments - everybody benefits from shared knowledge :)

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Great list! I also just found this list of books to read on The Muse - really interesting: https://www.themuse.com/advice/7-books-thatll-retrain-your-brain-and-push-you-toward-success

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[…] Self-Promotion: 6 Tips for Getting Your Work Discovered - Jessica Grose. (thanks for sharing Sarah!) I feel like I’m working hard but not getting too far with the work that I’m doing. […]

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