How To Get Noticed Online (And Still Be YOU)

Oh, but the internet is crowded with interesting blogs, cool products, and one million people trying to tell you about one million things.  How’s a fledgling blogger or company supposed to gain any traction in a market that already feels totally saturated?

Well, pretty much the same way that anybody ever accomplishes anything: with a plan + lots of hard work.

Here’s a basic break down of how to get people to notice you on the internet.

1.  Create helpful, engaging, beautiful, well-written content

Dur.  Write tutorials that your readers will find useful and forward to their friends.  Take gorgeous photos.  Create content that resonates and connects with your readers and their lives.  (I realize that this is sort of easier said than done - I’ll tell you more about this in future posts!)

2.  Post that awesome content consistently and promote it multiple times on social media

Remember why it’s so important to post consistently?  The more awesome content you put on the internet, the more likely it is that people will notice you.  And remember that because of the way Twitter works, you can tweet links to your posts multiple times without annoying anybody!

3.  Interact with your peers

Assemble Twitter lists and Google Reader folders of the people in your field you’d like to collaborate with.  Chat with them on Twitter, link to awesome things they’ve done, leave comments on their posts, and then email them with collaboration/guest post/let’s-get-coffee ideas!

4.  Pitch your stuff

It’s unlikely that Apartment Therapy and Designsponge are going stumble upon your website of their own volition - pitch them!  The same goes for websites you’d like to guest post for. Pitching can be a bit intimidating, but the worst that’s going to happen is that they’ll ignore your email - pretty painless, right?

5.  Engage your community

The people who read your blog, buy your products, and link to your content are your most valuable resource.  Make sure they know it!  Ask them questions, reply to their comments, give them freebies and discounts.

6.  Don’t be afraid to do something totally different

Sometimes your biggest successes will come from ‘un-monetizeable’ ideas or things you’ve never seen done. Prior to Danielle LaPorte’s Burning Question series, I’d never seen bloggers ask their readers a question and then link to reader responses within their own blog. Storychord is a monthly short story that you read while listening to a hand-picked soundtrack. My own True Story series is sort of an internet anomaly that brings me zero dollars but lots of traffic.

Is this a lot of work?  Yes.  Will these things help you make more sales + gain more readers + network with the best of ’em?  Also, yes!

Do you have any tips to share?  How do you get noticed on the internet?

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Love this information you give. How to pitch to a blog sounds like the perfect topic for another one of your posts.


This is all very interesting and helpful! I felt like I wrote lots of meaningful things at first, because I started my blog when I was in the middle of some big life changes, but now I just write boring day-to-day stuff and I need the mojo to get back to more thought provoking copy!

Alicia @ Humble Foodie

I read both this blog and Yes and Yes, and both have had a positive impact on my life! Yes and Yes inspires me to be braver and more creative, and this blog helps me identify weak spots on my blog and areas that can be improved. Just promoting more on social media (one of your tips from a few posts back) rather than posting more has already increased traffic-seems so “duh” but it really helped me out. Thanks!


Great post, Sarah! It’s so admirable the way you share your know-how with all the rest of us!

The Dame Intl

For me, being unusual garners interest in me. Just my name alone often has people clicking through from comments.

I also try to come up with unusual post titles but that are also search engine friendly, and I always speak from the heart.

My feedback is always about how my honesty is what draws people in.

Excellent tips, I need to work on taking great photos and pitching topics for guest posts 🙂

You’re the best Sarah!


One thing I tell other people too: get to know the writers.

For example, I write for Apartment Therapy, but almost all the pitches that get sent to me are from smart PR people who have gotten to know my work.

Also, don’t be discouraged if a pitch doesn’t turn into a post the first time. I may not be able to use your genius idea right now, but at least you’re on my radar for the next time.

lauren claire | rebuild (health & home)

Just wanted to join the chorus saying how helpful this is! I stopped using my personal twitter and facebook accounts over a year ago, so I’m reluctant to start pages for my website… But now I’m definitely reconsidering. Thanks, Sarah!

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