7 Posts To Read If You Want To Kick Ass On The Internet

Did you know there are lots of people (I mean, in addition to me) who are writing helpful, smart, awesome articles about internet and business awesome-ry?  Truth. Here are seven fantastic posts I happened upon recently.

Braid creative shares two quick, easy ways to shape up your online content.

Note to self: work on your media kit.  Here’s a great post on why you need one and what it should include.

Want people to pin more images from your blog or website? Here’s how to make your images more Pinterest friendly.

Soooooo much advice!  Some of it’s incredibly basic but even I learned a few things - 15 (!) Pinterest  boards for blogging.  

If you want to read Actual Books: 5 great books about blogging.

Whoa.  13 articles about goal setting for your business.

Evidence that you don’t need a gajillin dollar photo studio to take great product shots: Iphone + Picmonkey = Awesome Product Shots.

Have you read (or written!) anything particularly helpful in the last few weeks? Leave links in the comments!

image by Nat Smith Illustration - for sale here



I always look forward to your round-ups. I’ve been looking for some good books on blogging!

Here are my offerings:

What Makes a Good Blog Post? — My Take and Suggestions http://thismuseistaken.com/what-makes-a-good-blog

The 8 Things You Need While Blogging


Thanks for including Braid! I pretty much admire everything you (yes, you!) write about how to be awesome on the internet. I also really admire Alexandra Franzen and the sassy way she delivers practical advice.

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