9 Super Helpful Posts About Blogging + Business + Internet-ery


It’s that time of month, guys!  When I admit that there are other people on the internet who know lots of stuff about blogging/writing/small business.  Here are some of the best, most helpful things I’ve seen lately!

Why taking a work sabbatical is super, super important for creatives. (And here’s how you can do it!)

Want to add a ‘pin it’ button to your blog?  Here’s how.

How to create wildly effective marketing language.  Oh, okay!

Super interesting!  A really in-depth look at one blogger’s readership (wish charts!)  What does yours look like? Yup. Great Twitter advice for brands

Are you making any of these mistakes?  5 reasons you just lost a sale on your website. If your copy is terrible, you’re in trouble! People want to know what they’re getting into, and if the description of your item makes it sound like a bad idea, they won’t be buying. One of the most important things to remember is to make it clear what they’re looking at and what it does. Leave nothing in the dark!

Want to know when to tweet?  Tweriod can help.

Great advice on knowing your worth as a freelancer.

Helpful!  How to fix internet embarrassments and improve your online reputation.

Have you read/discovered/written anything awesome lately?  Leave it in the comments!

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